Monday 30 April 2018


I’ve recently returned from a double dose of Florida sun, so with my tan topped up it’s time for a blog update. This was my first time in Miami and (as usual) I intended to make the most of what little time I had there. Both of these Miami trips were buddy bids with my flying bestie Sam so I had my partner in crime with me to explore this city for the first time.

When you think of Miami you of course think of South Beach so it goes without saying that was our first stop on trip no.1! We were out of the hotel pretty early – partly due to confused body clocks, partly due to limited time down route (why oh why are Miami trips so short) – so we arrived at South Beach just after 9am ready for a day of beach fun.  Miami beach is unique for its plethora of multi-coloured beach huts, which of course made for an excellent instagram post!

After spending a few hours in the sun we decided that we couldn’t ignore our stomachs any longer and set out to get some breakfast. We took a walk down Ocean Drive to see what the beach front restaurants had to offer and they all had one thing in common – super-sized breakfast cocktails and a proper American pancake feast. Eventually we found somewhere that managed to lure us in with the offer of pancakes, bacon and eggs all for the steal price of $6. After we were sufficiently stuffed we set out again to explore a bit more of the area (and maybe indulge in an ice cream) before it was time to head back to the hotel for pick up (told you the trip was short!).

Worry not, less than a week later I was jetting off once again to the Sunshine State. This time around we were keen to experience a bit more of the culture that Miami had to offer so we decided to take a trip to the Wynwood Art District. Of course, me being me I didn’t look at the opening times before heading out and ended up being almost 2 hours too early to get in to see the Wynwood Walls. Alas, every cloud has a silver lining and we decided to use our spare time to visit Little Havana, which was only a short journey from where we were. If you too are in Miami and decide you’d like to take a trip to Little Havana, I’d recommend getting dropped off at the point where Calle Ocho and SW 16 meet - here you’ll find plenty of authentic restaurants and souvenir shops (and a colourful cockerel or two).

A couple of hours later (after our little detour) we finally wound up back at the Wynwood Walls – and they were open this time! I would recommend to anyone to visit the Art District (and the walls in particular), the place is absolutely alive with colour and the artwork is breath taking. All in all it makes for a pretty great day out.

So that was my whirlwind tour of what I got up to in the Sunshine State. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you found some inspiration for things to do should you ever find yourself in Miami! Olivia x

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